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uPVC windows can make your home warmer and more secure. We install double glazed windows across Leeds and surrounding areas

Of course, it isn’t just windows we install. We also install uPVC patio doors and front doors

Leaded lights are beautiful and if you want to preserve them, we can restore them and encapsulate them into new uPVC frames

We can even save you money on your home’s energy bills by installing Planitherm glass to your existing windows and doors. Look after the environment and your money at the same time.

To find out more about our glazing installations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

uPVC Windows by Linear

Most uPVC window systems haven’t fundamentally changed since they were first launched in the 1980s – and with uPVC traditionally requiring steel reinforcement inside the frames, energy efficiency usually had to take a back seat.  But not with the Liniar 70mm system – it was designed from scratch using the very latest technology to meet the demands of today’s house building market. This resulted in a window that’s not only strong and secure but also achieves one of the highest energy ratings – all in one system.

The Liniar design team continues to push the boundaries, creating new products and enhancements to ensure the range is the most innovative and sought-after on the market.

Continued investment in design facilities, tooling and machinery ensures the very latest techniques are used to create each component within the Liniar system. This includes the latest 3D printer to generate working models of the components to allow testing; high-tech tooling and machinery to facilitate extrusion in the most efficient way possible, and the addition of an articulated cyclic testing robot to put Liniar products through their paces.

uPVC Windows by Liniar

Energy bills are on the increase, environmental concerns are higher on the agenda than ever before and building regulations are becoming more demanding every year. Choosing a window system that offers higher Windows Energy Ratings for a lower cost therefore makes good sense.

The Liniar lead-free system achieves a WER of A+ with ease and a U-value of 1.2 with cost effective double glazing. A multi chambered profile, glazing flipper and thermal dam means that you don’t need expensive triple-glazing to achieve high energy rating.

A Liniar window has innovative design features that minimise energy costs including symmetrical chambers to minimise the transfer of heat from the inside of your property to the outside.

The Liniar range also addresses security concerns and is accredited with both PAS 24 Enhanced Security and Secured By Design status, assuring you of the highest standards.

Bi-Folding Doors by Liniar

Whether you have, a kitchen-diner, a conservatory or a Juliet balcony, Liniar ModLok™ bi-folding doors provide a stunning alternative to patio or French doors. These bi-folding doors are available in a wide choice of configurations and colours to designed to provide a clean, modern appearance.

Safety features include the low threshold option for family friendly and wheelchair use. What’s more, Liniar bi-fold doors offer the best security features on the market combined with high energy efficiency, bringing you a modern space-saving solution for your home.

Installing energy efficient windows, doors and roofs is one of the most effective ways to save energy in your home. At Albion Glass we use one of the UK’s leading brands – Liniar frames.  With an innovative uPVC multi-chambered profile design these frames outperform the majority of other leading brands in the UK when it comes to thermal efficiency .

The thermal efficiency of a door is measured in U-values, which demonstrate how effective the door is at preventing the transfer of heat into and out of a building. The lower the U-value, the higher the doors’ effectiveness at keeping the heat inside your home when it’s cold outside.

The Liniar Modlock bi-folding range can be fitted with triple glazing, reaching an impressive U-value of 1.0 W/m²K, keeping your home warmer for a lower energy price. Please contact us for more details or to arrange an installation.

Bi-folding doors are becoming more popular than ever before, thanks in part to their regular appearance in television home make-over and lifestyle programmes.

Bi-folding doors made from lead-free uPVC can actually offer many benefits:

  • Smoother operation
  • Higher thermal efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Exact matching with your other doors and windows

Contact Albion Glass today to place your bi-folding doors order!!

With Liniar’s foiled woodgrain-effect options, your bi-folding doors can emulate the natural look of timber and you will never have to treat, sand or repaint them. If you choose our flat grey frames, your bi-folding doors will rival any comparable aluminium range on the market, offering superior energy efficiency at a more cost effective price.

And Liniar’s ‘top of the range’ ModLok™ bi-fold doors offer even greater strength and rigidity, combining all of the structural benefits of an aluminium door set with the energy efficiency of uPVC.

All Liniar bi-folding doors are ‘bottom rolling’, not top-hung – meaning no extra stresses are placed on your building’s lintel.

Discover for yourself why more and more people are choosing Liniar’s bi-fold doors and benefiting from these versatile and attractive home improvements – and find out more about ModLok™ technology here.

Click here to see our video showing the correct method for opening and closing a Liniar bi-folding door.


At Albion Glass we use the GRP Composite Door range from Door-Stop International. This means that you have a choice of thirteen different door colours –

Poppy Red, Duck Egg Blu, Black Brown,White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak, Darkwood, Cream, Grey and Chartwell Green.

The hinge edge of your door has a PVC edging. Then we cut through the edging so that whichever hinge you selected sits neatly inside the edge of your door. To make the door super-strong, the lock edge has been fitted with a full length of 4mm thick, powder coated aluminium lock strip. Then your preferred lock sits flush inside your door.

Making a door to just hold the glass is easy. But have you ever thought about what happens if the glass unit breaks down in that composite door you fitted? You will want that door to have been a Door-Stop door. Our unique and patented glazing cassette can be removed from the inside to let you simply change the glass and reuse the cassette. You won’t need a new door because it has been damaged whilst trying to follow impossible deglazing knacks and techniques! All of our doors are reglazable except for FD30s Fire Doors.

To give great definition and long life performance Door-Stop doors use glass reinforced plastic skins. That’s the same material used to make the hulls of boats!